Haidong Gumdo Classes

Challenge yourself

Gumdo is a Korean sword art which draws from battlefield tactics and techniques to build a curriculum for mental, physical and spiritual development. Students learn forms, step drills, sitting & standing meditation and cutting (paper, fruit, & straw).This is a non-contact martial art that is fast paced for good workout but is low impact, which makes it suitable for many age groups. Classes are for 8 year olds and up or with the approval of the Master Instructor.

HaidongGumdo, The Way of the Sword, is a dynamic fast paced martial art from Korea. Its purpose is to execute justice with the light of the sword that is as majestic and brilliant as the morning sunlight on the east sea.

Today, Grandmaster Jeong-Ho Kim is the President of The World HaidongGumdo Federation, an organization dedicated to spreading the art of HaidongGumdo throughout the world. Grandmaster Kim has established nearly 500 HaidongGumdodojangs in Korea and well over 1,000 schools in more than 30 other countries outside of Korea. He continues to spread his vision of the martial arts and conduct seminars; and has received numerous awards, including one given by Bill Clinton, President of the United States, for his great contribution to American society.