Birthday Party Package

Leave the entertainment to us

What could be more fun than having a fun and exciting birthday party with your friends while doing taekwondo? Here at T.I.A we like to host birthday parties filled with fun activities and games, but what makes birthdays at T.I.A exciting is the taekwondo experience you get to share with your friends. The entire birthday party will fill a time slot of 1.5 hours. If you would like your child to have their party here at T.I.A please contact us to book the date and plan the details.

*(Participants of the party must be at least age 5 and up)*

Our Guarantee

Your child’s birthday party will be memorable, fun, well organized and professional. All the children will laugh and smile as they play and celebrate. We guarantee everyone will have a great time.

what we provide:

*Fun and exciting staff
*Facility to hold the party
*Tables and chairs
*Children’s self-defense class

What Parents provide:

*Birthday cake (w/ knife/candles/lighter)
*Foods and drinks
*Goodie bags
*All paper / plastic products (forks, knives, spoons, napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths, etc.)

Sword cake cutting:

As a finishing touch to an amazing birthday we allow your child to make the first cut of their cake with an actual ceremonial sword!  What better way for your child to remember their birthday in a very special way!



We want to make sure the birthday party is very memorable and affordable.  We have very competitive prices that you don’t want to miss out on.
*For your child and up to 15 of their friends only $300.
*If you would like to invite between 15-20 kids then the price will be $350.

Our Birthday Party Options Really Take the Cake!

Planning the perfect party doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you have a child that wants the most unique gathering of any of their friends or just a kid who loves to have fun, at Taekwondo in Action, our birthday party package has you covered.

Here are just a few reasons why Centerville and Fairfax, VA families love our birthday party options:

Everything You Need

At Taekwondo in Action, we offer everything you need to get the party started. A spacious facility with tables and chairs to accommodate plenty of guests will hold nearly any size party, on-site games will keep your guests entertained, and our experienced, engaging staff will keep them laughing as they learn fun martial arts techniques in a basic class. All you have to bring is the food, gifts, and guests – we’ll help you make the party happen!

Great for All Ages

Children of almost every age can enjoy the parties here at Taekwondo in Action. From five years old and up, kids who can listen to instruction and follow directions can participate in physical activities can enjoy the fun in our class-meets-party approach to birthday festivities!

For parties of fifteen children or less, we charge only $300 – a highly competitive price in the local industry. For larger parties over fifteen attendees, enjoy a cost of only $350. Our facilities accommodate parties of up to approximately twenty children at a time, allowing you to invite your entire classroom or friend group and get everyone in on the fun.

Parents are welcomed to join in, too. You’ll definitely want to tag along and bring your camera or phone to snap some photos so you can remember your child’s party here at Taekwondo in Action – although your kids definitely won’t have any trouble recalling this memorable event!

A Taekwondo Touch

As an exciting, on-theme touch for your celebration, we offer a sword cutting of your birthday cake or any other party dessert. Children in attendance will marvel as your delicious treats are sliced into bite-sized portions with a real ceremonial sword.

A Great Time, Guaranteed

Few birthday party locations can guarantee a great time, but at Taekwondo in Action, we do! We promise an organized and professional atmosphere, inclusive, engaging experiences, and fun for everyone who attends. Where else can you find all of that?

For more information about our birthday party package options, contact us today. We have the right party package to help make your child’s party the best they’ve ever had.