After-School Program

After School Martial Arts Program

The Centreville/Fairfax after school program at T.I.A. is filled with productive yet fun activities, so your children will constantly be doing something here at our school. We want to provide a good atmosphere for your children to thrive in. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of your children and the self confidence we can help nurture to them.

Throughout the year there will be select days that are set aside for students to participate in

  • Character building lessons
  • Special community service projects
  • Field trips
  • Special guest speakers


Daily operation in After school

An average day at our Centreville/Fairfax after school program will consist of:

  1. As students get dismissed from school; they will be greeted by one of our drivers to be transported to our facility.
  2. When the students arrive at the facility they will be prompted to change into their taekwondo uniforms which are always stored in their personal cubby assigned to them.(Except on Wednesdays because a physical activity/game will replace taekwondo class)
  3. As soon as students finish their taekwondo class they will be directed into the study room to either complete their homework from school, or they will read a book for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Students may enjoy their snack during their designated study time.
  5. Only after students finish all their school work may they participate in fun productive activities that our staff has set up each week.
  6. Students will constantly be on a rotation system, so each student will have an opportunity to participate in each station.
  7. This rotation system will continue until 6:30pm which by then parents will have picked up their children.

Parents may call our facility prior to their arrival to specify whether their child will be picked up at the front, or they may be picked up from our kiss and ride located at the back of our facility.