We take our roles in each of
our students’ lives very SERIOUSLY

It is our privilege and great honor that we are trusted to guide young children, teens, and adults of all ages in strengthening their bodies and their minds. We strongly encourage all the students to implement their black belt spirit and attitude in their normal everyday lives.

New to martial arts?

Our instructors & team

Classes at Taekwondo in Action are separated by age and skill level, ensuring that students train with others similar to their skill level within their appropriate age group.
Two free trials are offered here at Taekwondo in Action to allow families to decide if the programs offered here are best suited for themselves and/or their children.

Within our school we pride ourselves with having the most dedicated and eligible staff. First, our team of instructors and masters are all certified by the World Taekwondo Federation located in Seoul, South Korea. You will also find home-grown career professionals: Those who have trained many years at T.I.A to become leaders in the program. They later become instructors to share their knowledge and experiences with the coming generations. Next, our after school teachers are all currently studying at different universities, or have already finished their studies at the collegiate level. They not only care for your kids with daycare, but they also provide detailed tutoring if students need assistance with homework.